Tokyo Bay and the Aqua Line (Tokyo Bay Tunnel)

Ura san told us we were going back to Tokyo via the Tokyo Bay Tunnel. He explained that we were going over a bridge into the middle of Tokyo Bay and then would go through a tunnel to the other side. We went over the bridge.

tokyo bay tunnel#1
but then he pulled into a car park. We were a bit confused until we went to the Tokyo Bay Oasis. A huge tourist complex just before you enter the tunnel. Food, Souvenirs, an amusement facility and great views.
tokyo bay tunnel#2 tokyo bay tunnel#4
The Tokyo Bay Tunnel or Aqua Line is a combination bridge and tunnel that connects the city of Kisarazu in Chiba Prefecture with Kawasaki in Kanagawa Prefecture. There is a 4.4 km bridge and 9.6km tunnel under Tokyo Bay.
Air to the tunnel is supplied by a tower ( kaze no-to or the tower of wind) in the middle of the bay. The complex was opened in 1997.




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