Toi to Shizuoka


After a blissful early morning soak in one of the three private onsens at the Ryokan Yuko san and I went for a walk along the waterfront and came across a man harvesting salt from the bay. Loved the use of an old twin washer/ drier to spin off the excess water. We both came away with a fresh bag of Izu Peninsular salt that will last us for at least a year. Sea water is pumped into a large vessel above a fire place. Water evaporated off and the salt spun.



We took the S Pulse Dream Ferry from Toi to Shimuza Port. On clear days the views of Mt Fuji are spectacular, unfortunately the day we travelled Mt Fuji was completely covered  by cloud.
11 12


Lunch. Put the order in and wait for it to come by conveyor belt.


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