Choi Hee-Jin studio & Gilsangsa Temple

Day 2 in Seoul started with a visit to Jinny’s  workshop. See- Jin Choi  is a very talented ceramicist and will be exhibiting her work in Italy in September.

Jinny let me play with some clay. It was good to get my hands into clay again although my efforts were somewhat amateurish.

Next was a trip to Gilsangsa Temple. The temple is quite young only becoming a temple in 1997. It was once a fancy restaurant but was donated by the owner to be used as a Buddhist Temple.

We were there the day before Buddha’s Birthday celebrations and the temple was being decorated with lanterns & flowers.

These lovely ladies were busy making lotus flowers for the temple and they gave me two of the flowers. They are coming home with me.

Thank you Jinny and your lovely son for an interesting day but there was still more. See next post.






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