Korsakov – Russia

Next port – Korsakov Russia. A 7am start on a “rustic bus”


First stop an amazing St Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church. Very beautiful. Gold, icons. The church was built from roundwood logs.



Such a contrast. This beautiful church and across the road a beaten up old block of flats. Most of the city was…well shabby. The people were friendly.


Next stop was the “Ice Palace” for a pit stop and a bit of souvenir shopping


A tour in Russia would not be complete without a trip to a military memorial – Victory Square and Square of Glory complete with massive statues and tanks.
I liked the love locks on the fences

DSC_8603 DSC_8611


Next the Sakhalin Regional Museum. Korsakov was ruled by Japan at one time so this Museum was designed by Japanese architect Yoshio Kaizuka in 1937.



Last stop in a long but enjoyable day was a pretty ordinary shopping mall.

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