Hakodate – Tunnel Museum and Sumo Origins Museum

The Seikan Railway Tunnel was opened in 1988  connecting Honshu & Hokkaido. The tunnel runs  240 metres below the Tsugau Straight and 100 metres below the seabed and is 53.85 km long. We went through the tunnel  a few years ago.






Next stop was the Sumo Origins Museum where some of the boys got to try on the Mawashi (sumo belt)



Sumo ring (dohya) at the Sumo Shrine

19ahakodate17bhakodateAs a woman this  is one of a few dohya (rings) that I can enter. They hold women’s sumo here every Mother’s Day.


A Japanese lunch for everyone followed by a visit to the Trappistine Monastery for one of their amazing ice crea

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