Aomori & Lake Towado

Bus trip to Lake Towado which is a very deep double caldera lake  of an active volcano that last erupted in 915AD . Our guide told us there is only one other double caldera lake in the world and that is in the USA
Here are some pretty pictures from our cruise around the lake. Shame about the lack of blue skies in most of my photos. Most of the trip was overcast.



Just look at the colour of the water. It was just like this

22aomori 21aomori 20aomori 19aomori

Went on the ropeway that carries up to 100 people to Hakkoda Mountains lookout. Unfortunately the lookout was clouded in so not much to see. View on the way up was fantastic though.

28aomori 27aomori 26aomori

Had to take a picture of this hotel. Obviously hasn’t been used for a long long time.


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