Sakaiminato Japan

The port city of Sakaiminato has two claims to fame – anime and the Matsuba crab.

David and I took the sushi making tour. We took the tour bus to the town of Mihonoseki, located at the eastern tip of the Shimane Peninsular.

Not sure if this phone switchboard is actually used.

We were taken to the Ryokan , Miho-kan for our sushi making experience. Our chef Tomomi Obara guided us and our efforts I think were quite good.

We also did a sake tasting and they were very generous with the sake topping up our cups regularly.

Next we walked along the picturesque Aoishi-datami street to the Miho Shrine dedicated to Ebisu. We were lucky enough to be given a prayer ritual by the priests and the shrine maiden. No pictures as this was a religious and sacred ritual.

Next stop was the Mihonoseki Lighthouse built  in 1898 on the tip of the peninsular.

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